Sat July 27
Fury Stage
Bare Up

Back when Daniel Harwood was 13, he haphazardly downloaded an Fl Studio demo, to understand how electronic music was made. Within 5 minutes, he closed the programme and continued with his evening. It wasn’t until one year later that Dan and his friends were listening to a Muse – Knights of Cydonia Dubstep Remix, full blast, with the bass creating a feeling that Dan had never felt before. He wanted to understand more about how this sound was created and immediately googled a variety of Youtube tutorials. Dan quickly realised that the software that featured in these Youtube videos, was the exact same demo software that he had downloaded a year ago, and to his surprise, the software was still available in his laptop’s downloads folder. So, ignoring his friends around him, Dan plugged his ear phones in and went on to dedicate the rest of his evening to producing the most amateur bass lines and drum beats imaginable, and this wasn’t good enough for Dan.

However, friends continued to encourage Dan to promote his music and luckily for him, an old friend introduced him to a private Drum & Bass Facebook group, called ‘DnB Talk’. It was in this group that Dan quickly went on to develop relationships with Pick 'n' Mix Owner TJ Campbell and Just Jump Records/Corey Evans. But it was one of Dan’s earliest posts that caught the attention of Rampage CEO and renowned Drum & Bass Producer, Hans Machiels, aka Murdock, that has now led Dan into an exclusive relationship with Rampage/Radar Records and Hans. Time will only tell what Bare Up will bring to the scene. 

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