Sat July 27
Farout Stage




A Drum and Bass producer born and raised in the land of beer and waffles, Belgium.

His breaks are as chripsy as the fries and the basses as smooth as the chocolate.  

As he is getting noticed with his heavy sounds and getting played out by the major players in the scene, Danger is one of the guys you should look out for. If you see this name on a flyer be sure to go and have a look, you won't regret this!

Releases on labels such as:

Digital terror Records, Smokin Riddims, Dub voltage and many more.

Beta brothersbe

Beta brothers


founders of Beta Sessions

A fresh Belgium jump-up dnb project brought you by two young talented brothers from Izegem. They discovered music from a very young age and try to put all of their energy in a concept who brings you the best jump-up dnb from all over the world! They are also resident of the latest dnb concept of "Suburbsoundz" called "INVADERZ" and spin at huge other concepts as Elements festival, Cityflow dnb festival, Univerz festival, Invaderz vs. Criticalz, The new vibe, Sub culture (madhouse), Sub salute, ...

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