Sat July 27
Frenzy Stage
Current Value presents CVAV2.0

CURRENT VALUE bringing the CVAV show (MethLab, DE)

In the game for over 20 years, Current Value has been a continually evolving force in drum & bass with totally distinct style of production. An artist whose presence has been felt outside of the scene, handpicked by Björk to collaborate with her for a track on her Biophilia lp and commissioning him to remix 4 of the album tracks, as well as counting electronica and audiovisual pioneers such as Noisia, Aphex Twin, Chris Clark and Chris Cunningham amongst supporters of his music. In the past few years, he has risen to to the top of the tech side of d&b, with a continuous stream of top notch releases on all the labels that matter: Invisible, RAM, Critical, 31 Records, Blackout, MethLab and more. Before the end of the year, he’s dropping a full album on one of the most influential production outfit's trend-setting labels, and it’s set to be a truly devastating event. Coming to the Rampage 2018 weekend on March 3rd with the biggest performance of his CVAV AudioVisual show to date, a high-tech journey with bespoke visuals working in harmony with his audio manipulation and bring his full sonic and visual aesthetic vision to reality, we are already working on reinforcing the venue’s foundation as we’re convinced they will be shaken to their core. Prepare for the havoc that is …. Current Value!

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