Camping Drink Voucher


With your camping ticket comes a voucher, to be used only once. You can either use it to bring 3 liters of alcoholic drinks (alcohol less than 15%) and 3 liters of soda or energy drink (per person!). The packaging must be unopened and must not be made of glass.


You can use the voucher to purchase ice cold drinks on the campsite: you exchange the voucher and pay for a 25€ drinkticket, which you can take to the camping drink stand (and only there) between:

11am-4pm (Friday) 

9am-2pm (Saturday)


where you will be handed your super chilled drinks: 3 liters total; beer, coke, red bull, whatever your choice is. That way you don’t have to carry those drinks all the way to the campsite and you get COLD DRINKS when you arrive. 

You can take as much food and water as you want to the campsite. 


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