Recycle & Eco-Coin

Upon arrival at Rampage open Air you will first of all sign up at the check-in counter, where your ticket will be scanned and you will receive your bracelet. Are you with a whole group? Then only 1 person has to collect this bracelet for the entire group with all the tickets. This way you do not have to wait in line with all your camping gear. 

At the entrance you will also receive an extra Eco-Coin and as a camping visitor you will receive a garbage bag! Deposit all your waste in this garbage bag. If it is completely full, you can deposit it in the garbage container and request a new garbage bag at the information point on the campsite. 

 Rampage is an ecological festival! That is why the Eco-Coin was introduced: 

For your first consumption you must hand in an Eco-Coin (you will receive this for free at check-in)

For example: cola = 2 tokens + Eco-Coin. 

Do you want a new drink? Then you have to hand in your empty bottle / cup at the bar to buy a new one. If you don’t do this, you must pay an extra token. 

This keeps our grounds clean and our bar staff can sort the waste so that it can be recycled afterwards! 

Is your drink empty and are you no longer thirsty? Then you can trade in the cup for an Eco-Coin that you can use again later. This way of working also applies to the Coca-Cola activities. 

 Can we ask everyone to keep the festival site tidy and to help us recycle as much of the packaging as possible?

 We wish you a clean and pleasant time at Rampage Open Air!

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