Rampage Open Air, the biggest Drum&Bass and Dubstep Festival in the Universe is situated in Lommel, Kristalpark. Thanks to the potential of the location Rampage Open Air facilities are very close to each other. This makes the camping grounds, festival grounds and parking grounds located very close to each other, and all 3 are on walking distance from each other.

This location is very acessible by public transportation and by car! To make it even easier for you guys we have a partnership with NMBS where you can take a train to trainstation MOL and from there take a shuttle bus to the festival grounds.

Or make it even more easy and reserve a special place at our Rampage Train that stops at the Festival entrance. No need to take any other busses, shuttles or trains.

If you prefer traveling by car, this is also a possibility as we have a greatly organised big parkinglot where you can park your car for the weekend.

The location is situated:

  • 70 kilometers from Antwerp (Belgium)
  • 115 kilometers from Brussels (Belgium)
  • 38 kilometers from Eindhoven (The Netherlands),
  • 49 kilometers from Tilburg (The Netherlands),
  • 71 kilometers from Maastricht (The Netherlands),
  • 74 kilometers from Breda (The Netherlands),
  • 102 kilometers from Achen (Germany),
  • 155 kilometers from Keulen (Germany),
  • 123 kilometers from Düsseldorf (Germany),
  • 237 kilometers from Sedan (France).

At Rampage Open Air you can opt for staying at our bigger and better organised camping site for 15 000 soldiers. Here you can bring your own tent or just come and rent or buy a Rampage branded tent. If you want more comfort you can always opt for staying at our glamping, our Rampage Resort or our Rampage Hotel! Here, there will also be an organised shuttle bus to get to your hotel and back to the festival.

Kristalpark Lommel

3920 Lommel

How to get there? Click HERE

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