At the check-in you will also receive an extra Eco-Coin. Rampage is an ecological festival! That is why the Eco-Coin was introduced...

For your first consumption you must hand in an Eco-Coin

For example: cola = 2 tokens + Eco-Coin.

Do you want a new drink? Then you have to hand in your empty bottle / cup at the bar to buy a new one. If you don’t do this, you must pay an extra token.

This keeps our grounds clean and our bar staff can sort the waste so that it can be recycled afterwards!

Is your drink empty and are you no longer thirsty? Then you can trade in the cup for an Eco-Coin that you can use again later.

Can we ask everyone to keep the festival site tidy and to help us recycle as much of the packaging as possible?

Bring your meat and we will grill for you. We keep the fire burning at the BBQ Chef's zone on the following hours :

Friday : 16h00 - 22h00

Saturday : 11h00 - 14h00 / 18h00 - 21h00

Sunday : 11h00 - 14h00 / 18h00 - 21h00

Showers available at the camping. Shower session will be 5 Euro

Opening hours :

Friday : 18h00 - 22h00

Saturday : 08h00 - 22h00

Sunday : 08h00 - 22h00

Monday : 08h00 - 11h00

Happy Hour at our Camping bars

Saturday & Sunday morning from 08h00 - 12h00 only!

Find our Bakkery Shop at the camping Bars

Opening Hours

Saturday & Sunday from 08h00

Different range of breakfast such as croissant, baguettes and chocolate rolls

Gym club

2 sessies per dag

Saturday : 10h - 10h45 / 11h15 - 12h00

Sunday : 10h - 10h45 / 11h15 - 12h00


Enjoy our open air cinema with a diverse collection of movies

Friday into Saturday morning from 00h00 - 06h00

Saturday into Sunday morning from 00h00 - 06h00

Sunday into Monday morning from 00h00 - 06h00

Swimming Pools

Friday : 12h00 - 17h00

Saturday : 12h00 - 15h00

Sunday : 12h00 - 15h00

Camping Pré Party

Friday Stage 1 / Stage 2 : 12h00 - 17h00

Saturday Stage 1 / Stage 2 : 12h00 - 14h00

Sunday Stage 1 / Stage 2 : 11h00 - 13h00

Silent Disco Afterparty

Friday : 01h00 - 3h30

Saturday : 03h00 - 05h00

Sunday : 01h00 - 03h30

Service from Mol train station to Rampage Open Air and back. You need to buy a busticket online at our ticket shop

Service hours

  • FRIDAY 1/7
    From 10:00h - 23:30h
  • SATURDAY 2/7
    From 10:00h - 23:30h
  • SUNDAY 3/7
    From 10:00h - 16:00
  • MONDAY 4/7 - 10:00h - 13:00 Only from Rampage Open Air - Mol Train Station

Follow the signs from the highway to Kristalpark Festival area Lommel. As soon as you leave the road you have to follow the signs to ‘Parking Festival’. You have to pay 10 EUR for 1 day or 20 EUR for the whole weekend (2-3 days). The parking lots are within walking range of the Main entrance and Campsite.



At Rampage Open Air, we will provide our visitors with a BBQ-zone where you can make, and enjoy your BBQ.

You are allowed to bring your disposable BBQ, small BBQ, buy one from us. No gas bottles are allowed.

From Friday 1 July 2022 10:00h til Monday 4 July 13:00h

Check inn Campsite :

Friday : 10h00 - 23h00

Saturday : 10h00 - 00h00

Sunday : 10h00 - 20h00

Due to the recent decisions of the Belgian government CST- COVID SAFE TICKETS or testing won't be necessary to enter the festival.

All tickets will be transferred to the new dates in 2022. Ticket Buyers will receive an email with all info.

Still haven’t found what you are looking for? contact us @

On the festival lost & found can be handed to stewards at the entrance or at our info point.

Do you want to pick it up?

You can pick it up at the info-point at the festival.

After the festival you can pick it up at Lommel Police station from Monday on between office hours 8 AM – 20 PM

Dorp 57, 3920 Lommel

011 39 98 99 or mail

The VIP contains:

Seperate VIP entrance

Seperate VIP party deck

Please read the General Rules and Conditions for Rampage Open Air here.

These are very important for you to be aware of what is allowed or not and to be informed about the conditions concerning the ticket sales. Please make sure you read this before buying a ticket.

We are very lucky to have a professional media team.

They will capture the whole event through video footage and photographs. Our photographers and camera crew will be up and running during the event, so make sure to wear your brightest smile and show your best dance moves.

The official aftermovie will be available in a few weeks after the event. The official pictures will be available on our Facebook page and on our website, a few days after the event.

Please note: you may have been photographed, but this does not mean that your picture will end up online.

Don’t forget to share your photos and videos on social media using the hashtag #Rampageopenair

RAMPAGE OPEN AIR is a Zero Tolerance event.

This means that all types of soft and hard drugs are not allowed. If drugs are found, you will be handed over to the police.


At the Rampage Open Air, you can purchase your favorite Rampage merchandise items.

Info point is located at the at Drink Token Purchase Desk at the main entrance / camping entrance.

Opening Hours :

Friday: 11:00h till 00:10h (at night)

Saturday: 08:00h till 02:00h (at night)

Sunday: 08:00h till 00:10h (at night)

Monday: 08:00h till 12h00

There will be lockers available at the festival site.

Weekend price is 10 Euro. Day price 5 Euro

Kristalpark, Balendijk, 3920 Lommel (BELGIUM)

How to get there? Click here!

Friday: 16:00h till 01:00h
You can exchange your e-ticket for your access bracelet till 23:00h

Saturday: 14:00h till 03:00h
You can exchange your e-ticket for your access bracelet till 00:00h

Sunday: 13:00h till 01:00h
You can exchange your e-ticket for your access bracelet till 22:00h

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