Rampage Open Air


Dear Rampage Soldier,
We hope this finds you well! Eventhough things are slowly going back to normal, it is not coming soon enough for us to schedule Rampage Open Air for 2021 the way we need to. Activities in Belgium are still very restricted in July and we would need more time to prepare if we want to do it right. Which is why Rampage Open Air will only be back in full force in 2022.

Don’t worry, your tickets from 2020/2021 will automatically be transferred to next years dates July 1 and 2 2022. If you wish to to do so, you can also exchange them for a voucher, to be used at another Rampage event until July 9 2022 or for purchasing items from our merch store. Please exchange your ticket into a voucher at the following link: Vouchers

You will be asked to confirm your choice by June 15th on the webpage mentioned earlier. If you didn’t tell us your preference before that date, your ticket will be automatically transferred to the 2022 ROA event and the voucher option will no longer be available to you.

If you had booked camping tickets, drink tokens, shuttle bus tickets or afterparty tickets, these will all be valid at the next event, or can be turned into a voucher for merchandise, event tickets or other.

All the best Team Rampag

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