Rampage Train

Yes that is right, we have our own Rampage Train that stops at the festival site!

Are you planning on visiting Rampage Open Air by train?
If you are quick you can reserve your place at our RAMPAGE TRAIN!

No taking busses, shuttles or whatsoever. With the Rampage train on Thursday we arrive at the entrance of the festival!

Thursday the 4th of July

Departure Brussels South, stops at Antwerp Central and travel to Rampage Open Air.
One hour later we will depart in Antwerp.
From Brussels South to Kristalpark 2 Hours.

Depart Brussel- South/Midi : 12:30 - Platform 6

Depart Antwerpen Centraal : 13:55 - Platform 1

Arrival Kristalpark Lommel : 14:57

Monday the 8th of July

Depart Kristalpark Lommel : 12:00

Arrival Antwerpen Centraal : 13:37

Arrival Brussel-South : 15:02

Times & platform subject to change.

The 50% discount voucher from NMBS can only be used for the Belgian train transport of NMBS itselfs. It doesn't count for our Rampage Train.
Camping and Festival ticket are not included.

The train drives from Brussels South to Antwerp and from Antwerp until Kristalpark Lommel where we are ready to party for days on end! No need to find out how to get there and stressing about missing the next ride. Already starting to party with all the soldiers on the train and having that unique experience. Did we say we grow bigger, better and bolder every year?

Limited places on the train!

Sold out
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