Happy Hour At The Camping Bars
Happy Hour at our Camping bars Friday, Saturday & Sunday morning from 08h00 - 12h00 only!
Need more diverse food and more choice? Well that is what we do best! This year next to our classic food stands we will have different foodtrucks with a bunch of different delicious foods! From sweet to savory, veggie, vegan, and meaty, we got it all just for you!
BBQ Chef Zone
Fancy some BBQ on a nice summer day? We got you covered! You can bring BBQ meats and get them baked by our very own BBQ Chef and enjoy the full service. Are you the BBQ king? No worries you can also BBQ on your own and show your skills to all of your friends!
Bakery and Fruit Shop
Just awake and in need of some delicious breakfast to start your party day? No need to worry as we have a bakery on the camping grounds where you can get delicious fresh baked goods, fresh fruit and drinks to start your day!
Fancy fairs
Ready for the battle of the century? This year we are coming with more, better, bigger, higher and more awesome attractions to make your weekend even more fun!
Market place
Make sure to visit our Market place with Tattoo Shops, Body and face painting, Jewlery shops, Gems and makeup and many more!
Silent disco
Sad that the day is over? Wel it is not over quite yet! Rave on after hours with your friends during our ''silent disco'' on the camping with the biggest line-up in EU history!
Swimming pools
Need to cool down, but you don't want to stop partying? No need to worry, just jump in our swimming pools and continue to rave to your favourite DJ's.
He was a skater boy.... For all our skater boys and girls next to an awesome festival we will provide you with the biggest skate ramp in Europe to make your day even better! This year we invite some national and international high level skaters, full program during the weekend with massive awards to win! Don't hesitate to take your own skateboard with you and join us for the free ride! Be sure to check it out!
Big screen cinema
Fancy watching a movie but not on your phone? We got you! Together with your friends you can hop to our big screen outdoor cinema for a good movie and some chill times with your friends. Grab some snacks, popcorn and a drink and enjoy the movie!
Chill-out zone
Partied too hard and need some rest? Check out our chill-out zone and enjoy the festival, good vibes and sunny time wth you favourite music in the background!
Camping Pre party
Join the party at the Camping Stages!
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