To guarantee safety at campsite ‘RAMPAGE’ and keep this campsite a place for everyone to enjoy, the organization has set up a few rules. These campsite regulations apply as ‘internal regulations’ on campsite ‘RAMPAGE’ during 26, 27 and 28 July 2019. Anyone who buys a Camping ticket automatically declares that they agree to the following campsite regulations.


As a visitor, you can be pre-searched. Access will be denied to those who do not cooperate, without refund of any fees. Only visitors with a valid camping bracelet are allowed at the campsite. Camping visitors must check in at the entrance of the campsite. ID and age will be checked here. Always follow the guidelines from the campsite stewards, security and emergency services. In cases of discussion, the manager of the campsite has the final word. Use your common sense and don’t bring others in danger!


Please follow the instructions from the campsite stewards while setting up your tents and keep emergency exits, emergency paths and passageways free. The campsite stewards can move wrongly placed tents without permission of the owner. Always keep the safety route free. Tents on this road will be moved without notice. Campsite visitors stay at their own risk on the premises overnight. The organization is not responsible for any physical or material damage. When you violate the rules above, you lose the right to residence at the campsite without refund of any fees.


With your camping ticket comes a voucher, to be used only once. You can either use it to bring 3 liters of alcoholic drinks (alcohol less than 15%) and 3 liters of soda or energy drink (per person!). The packaging must be unopened and must not be made of glass.


You can use the voucher to purchase ice cold drinks on the campsite: you exchange the voucher and pay for a 25€ drinkticket, which you can take to the camping drink stand (and only there) between:

11am-4pm (Friday) 9am-2pm (Saturday)


where you will be handed your super chilled drinks: 3 liters total; beer, coke, red bull, whatever your choice is. That way you don’t have to carry those drinks all the way to the campsite and you get COLD DRINKS when you arrive. 

Opened bottles or cans are not allowed! You can take as much food and water as you want to the campsite. (no glass packaging)


Thumbs up to:

  • Guide dogs for people with visual disability
  • Simple disposable or pocket cameras
  • Folding umbrellas without pin (no parasols)
  • Plastic and blankets to sit on
  • Sunscreen lotion and cosmetic products (max. 50ml), deodorant (only roll-sticks, no spray cans)
  • Refreshment water in a sprayer
  • Disposable BBQ’s
  • Skateboards


Thumbs down to:

  • Own drinks or food (exceeding the limit), bottles, glasses, drugs or stimulants and the like
  • Nutrients and medication. People who require nutrients or medication for medical reasons (e.g. diabetes) must be in possession of a medical certificate
  • Deodorant or perfume in big bottles or sprays (cosmetics which are a normal shape and size are allowed – max. size 50ml)
  • Any apparatus (umbrella, sunshade, tripod for (video) camera, cane) considered dangerous by the security services to other festivalgoers may be refused
  • Projectiles or explosives in solid, liquid or gaseous form
  • Inflammable products or materials and sprays
  • Pyrotechnical objects such as Bengal lights etc.
  • Any weapon or dangerous, sharp or bruising object which could be used in such a way (sticks, chains, stabbing or thrust weapons and the like)
  • Banners or items with discriminating and/or provocative texts and/or expressions that can be used as a means to disturb the peace, endanger the safety of the crowd and/or inflict damage to people and goods
  • Every item that can be used as a means to disturb the peace, endanger the safety of the crowd and/or inflict damage to people and goods
  • Making fire. This is strictly forbidden
  • Cookers and gas utilities
  • Everybody who does not follow these rules
  • Animals on the festival grounds or campsite


Please read the General Rules and Conditions for Rampage Open Air here. These are very important for you to be aware of what is allowed or not and to be informed about the conditions concerning the ticket sales. Please make sure you read this before buying a ticket.

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